ROV Services


Responding to customer specific needs and offering value added support and levels of service. A proven track record in solving problems with cost effective solutions. Supported ROV services include:

  • Survey
  • Intervention
  • Drill support
  • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
  • Installation support and touch down monitoring
  • UXO inspection and Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Route clearance
  • Decommissioning







  • CS-150HD

    Technical Information

    The Modus CS-150HD ROV is a Schilling built 150hp ROV, designed for performance, reliability and maintainability. Innovative features in the frame design and modular sub-systems combine to produce a high-performance vehicle suitable for IRM, drill support, and heavy-duty construction operations, while maintaining a compact system footprint ideal for rapid transportation and mobilisation.

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  • CS-125

    Technical Information

    CS-125 ROV is an SMD built 125hp work class ROV and sets the industry standard.  The CS-125 ROVs provide all-round high-level performance in survey, construction and drill support operations. CS-125 is a general-purpose work class system rated to 3,000m water depth.

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  • CS-150

    Technical Information

    The Modus CS-150 fleet are SMD built, Quantum 150HP work class ROVs designed for precision subsea intervention and heavy-duty application. Rated to 3000m water depth, the CS-150 ROVs offer the leading edge in construction support technology.

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  • CS-200XP

    Technical Information

    The CS-200XP ROVs are powerful SMD built Quantum 200XP / 200hp systems, designed for heavy construction support and intervention.  Operating to water depths of 3000m the CS-200XP sets the benchmark for heavy duty operations to support the full extent of survey, inspection and intervention requirements.

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  • CS-e

    Technical Information

    CS-e is a Saab-Seaeye built Panther Plus electric ROV.  CS-e is a lightweight work class ROV providing a low logistics ROV solution rated to 1000m depth and offering optimised power, payload & interface options.

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  • MR-200

    Technical Information

    The MR-200 is an SMD built, lightweight and multi-role, 150kW / 200HP free swimming jetting and work class ROV providing an efficient, cost-effective and flexible solution for subsea and seabed intervention operations.

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