Subsea Survey, Seabed Intervention and Offshore Solutions

Asset Hire & Operation

With a comprehensive range of modular remote and autonomous vehicles, MODUS is a specialist global provider of modular subsea vehicles for inspection, intervention, trenching, survey and construction support.

Alongside our ability to execute complete offshore work packages, MODUS supports clients with supplying assets & extensive in-field operational experience utilising its own personnel.

  • 15 subsea assets
  • >100 In-house staff
  • Dedicated offshore base
  • Experience offshore technicians
  • In-house surveyors and data analysts
  • Strategic fleet investment

MODUS owns and operates a broad range of traditional and autonomous assets.


  • 1no. Saab Hybrid AUV – 1,200m rated
  • 1no. Saab Hybrid AUV – 3,000m rated
  • 1no. Hydroid AUV
  • 2no. Kawasaki Spice AUV – 3,000m rated (ARRIVING SOON!)


  • 1 No. SMD 150hp Construction Support ROV
  • 1 No. SMD 125hp Construction Support ROV
  • 1 No. Schilling 150hp Heavy Duty ROV
  • 2 No. SMD 200hp XP Construction Support ROV
  • 1 No. Saab Electric Light Work class ROV


  • 1 No. SMD 620hp tracked / free flying trencher
  • 1 No. SMD 400hp tracked / free flying trencher
  • 1 No. Seatools high pressure towed jetting sled
  • 1 No. SMD 200hp multi-role ROV trencher

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