Subsea Survey, Seabed Intervention and Offshore Solutions

Technical Support

MODUS manages customer assets, operations and risk.

Using its own internal resources, MODUS can provide cost-effective Asset Management and Operation.

Based on quality people, know-how and experience, MODUS is a trusted provider in operational delivery expertise so our customers can outsource their asset management, maintenance and operations with confidence.


MODUS call off services include:

  • Management and operation (crewing) of customer owned assets
  • Equipment maintenance, spares management and procurement
  • Engineering, project and offshore management
  • Operational risk assessment
  • Vehicle overhaul, re-fit and life extension
  • Survey and sensor payload sourcing and integration
  • Mission equipment development and concept design
  • Artificial Intelligence development for remote and autonomous vehicle applications
  • Intuitive operating, project and scheduling programmes
  • Data management